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Top 14 GDPR Compliance Software for 2024

if you require a dedicated GDPR compliance software package, exploring other platforms might be more beneficial.
gdpr compliance software

GDPR compliance refers to the General Data Protection Regulation, a legal framework established by the European Union to safeguard its citizens’ privacy and personal data.

The primary goal of GDPR is safeguarding individuals’ rights and preventing organizations from overstepping boundaries. It requires businesses to obtain customer consent for data storage, transfer, and processing.

Customers should have transparency on data usage, with the right to request data modifications or deletions. Companies must establish data protection workflows and notify the public in case of breaches, as hefty EU fines are imposed for violations. Modern businesses need to prioritize GDPR compliance by implementing effective compliance software tailored to their requirements.

Requirements For GDPR Compliance

What Are the Requirements For GDPR Compliance?

Understanding GDPR compliance can be challenging, but it primarily emphasizes transparency, accountability, and obtaining user consent.

The main provisions for GDPR compliance include:

  1. Website Consent Management: Your website should notify users about all personal data collected, seek explicit consent to enable tracking cookies, and maintain a record of this consent.
  2. Right to be Forgotten: As per GDPR regulations, customers are entitled to request a copy of their stored data from businesses and ask for its removal from servers. This process is typically facilitated through the submission of a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) form.
  3. Notice of Data Collected: Businesses are required to disclose to customers the personal data they gather and the duration of its retention in a privacy policy that should be readily available. Moreover, businesses must justify the collection of data with legitimate reasons and refrain from retaining unnecessary information. To comply with GDPR, utilize a privacy policy generator to fulfill this obligation.
  4. Record of Processing Activities: According to GDPR Article 30, every business is required to maintain a precise and dependable overview of the data they currently hold and must be capable of providing a detailed record of it. This task can be accomplished using data mapping templates.
  5. Data Breach Notifications: Businesses under the GDPR must notify users and government authorities of any data breaches and update them on remedial actions. Incident management and vendor risk assessment features are vital in GDPR compliance software tools.

Exploring the Latest in European Data Privacy Trends for 2024

In 2024, a significant development in European privacy regulations is Google’s mandate for integrating a certified consent management platform to utilize its Ads platform.

Although not a direct GDPR stipulation, this adjustment poses a substantial change for entities handling European citizen data and conducting advertising activities in the region. Incorporating compliance with Google Consent Mode is now crucial for companies aiming to advertise in Europe; aligning with GDPR requirements is a clear necessity.

Top 14 GDPR Compliance Tools

Top 14 GDPR Compliance Tools

Our selection of top GDPR compliance software is determined by its ability to fulfill the specified GDPR requirements.

Additionally, we evaluate factors such as cost, customer support, user experience, app integrations, and customer feedback. A comprehensive analysis of our criteria is available at the conclusion of this article.

Here’s our list of the top GDPR compliance platforms:

TrustArc excels in the realm of GDPR compliance solutions by providing a robust suite tailored to simplify and enhance the privacy management process for businesses navigating GDPR complexities.

Its strength lies in the software’s capacity to conduct thorough risk assessments, identifying vulnerabilities and guiding organizations towards compliance. TrustArc’s platform focuses not only on achieving compliance but also on sustaining it through continuous monitoring and reporting features.

With extensive experience in privacy, TrustArc offers trusted guidance through its software solutions, covering various GDPR aspects, from risk assessments to compliance management.

Serving as a comprehensive one-stop solution for privacy requirements, TrustArc ensures ease of use with its user-friendly interface, streamlining the compliance process for its users.

While TrustArc’s solutions offer detailed coverage, they may raise cost concerns for small businesses due to their comprehensive nature, potentially creating a higher cost barrier.

Moreover, organizations with simpler compliance needs might perceive TrustArc’s extensive offerings as overly complex for their requirements.

In conclusion, TrustArc’s meticulous approach and comprehensive coverage establish it as a leading player in GDPR compliance software, although considerations around cost and complexity may arise for smaller entities.

ENzuzo emerges as a premier selection within the sphere of GDPR compliance software, catering specifically to small to medium-sized enterprises seeking to fortify their privacy protocols.

This platform offers an intuitive interface that streamlines the complexities of GDPR compliance with user-friendly tools for crafting privacy policies, overseeing data subject access requests (DSARs), and documenting consent.

ENzuzo shines in terms of cost-effectiveness and seamless integration, rendering it an enticing choice for organizations with constrained IT resources.

An advantage of ENzuzo is its broad focus on not only GDPR but also various privacy laws like CCPA, catering to businesses across different jurisdictions. The software’s automation of DSAR responses significantly reduces manual efforts and time needed for compliance.

Furthermore, ENzuzo’s regular updates ensure ongoing compliance amidst the evolving data protection landscape.

However, despite its strengths, ENzuzo has some drawbacks. For larger enterprises with complex data protection requirements, the platform may lack the depth and customization options of more advanced solutions. Its analytics features may appear rudimentary when compared to competitors emphasizing data insights.

Nonetheless, for businesses prioritizing straightforward compliance, ENzuzo strikes a fine balance between functionality and user-friendliness.


3. Datagrail

Datagrail excels in GDPR compliance with real-time data mapping and automated privacy management, making it a crucial resource for businesses. Its innovative approach streamlines compliance by identifying personal data automatically, reducing manual efforts and errors.

Datagrail also simplifies DSAR responses, saving time and resources and allowing businesses to focus on core operations. The platform’s real-time data mapping maintains an updated inventory of personal data for compliance and security.

Datagrail offers a comprehensive solution for GDPR complexities, preparing businesses for future regulatory changes and simplifying compliance.

Real-time data mapping allows for swift personal data identification, while automated privacy management decreases manual workload and errors. Simplifying DSAR responses saves time and resources, enabling businesses to concentrate on core operations by streamlining compliance processes.

Additionally, it equips businesses with a comprehensive solution to prepare for future regulatory changes.

Some drawbacks to consider include the time and effort needed for initial setup to integrate with current systems, potential risks from relying on technology for privacy management without regular updates, and varying costs related to platform implementation and maintenance based on business size and requirements.


Solarwinds, a robust consent management platform, is highly proficient in managing personally identifiable information and sensitive data with built-in GDPR compliance. Tailored for large enterprises, it provides a comprehensive suite of tools, primarily catering to network and systems engineers.

The software’s intricate nature, steep learning curve, and substantial cost position it more as an advanced network solution rather than a simple GDPR compliance tool. Integration hurdles may dissuade users from seeking a more straightforward approach.

A standout feature of Solarwinds is its adept handling of personal data and sensitive information, making it ideal for organizations dealing with substantial sensitive data volumes daily. Its robust consent management functionality ensures GDPR compliance in data processing.

Furthermore, SolarWinds offers customizable workflows and automation features, simplifying consent management processes for organizations. This optimization conserves time and resources, empowering companies to concentrate on essential functions.

Additionally, SolarWinds features an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and tool accessibility. This ease of use especially benefits non-technical users, enhancing usability across varied user demographics.

5. Auditboard

Auditboard is a comprehensive digital security platform for data compliance, network auditing, and IT protection. It helps organizations comply with over 10 regulatory systems worldwide, including GDPR.

With the rise in data breaches and cyber-attacks, organizations face mounting pressure to safeguard sensitive information.

Auditboard steps in with its comprehensive digital security platform covering data compliance, network auditing, and IT protection.

While it provides risk management tools and operational evaluation systems, some drawbacks exist. The pricing rapidly increases with feature usage, integration is not seamless with all platforms, and customization options are limited post-implementation. Gap analysis, unauthorized disclosure protection, and data mapping are not included.

Additionally, certain features lack automation, necessitating a dedicated professional for optimal utilization. The free plan benefits basic needs, but maximizing Auditboard may require a specialized engineer or compliance officer.


6. OneTrust

OneTrust is a suitable option for companies operating with substantial budgets. The platform aids in maintaining compliance with over 25 regulatory bodies, including GDPR, offering capabilities to bolster privacy management, data governance, IT risk, security assurance, and a range of other functions.

OneTrust boasts automation, cloud data storage, discovery, privacy tools, training resources, and additional digital research tools, making it an excellent data management and risk assessment platform.

As previously noted, OneTrust caters to large enterprise companies with established IT infrastructures and is priced accordingly. The trial period lasts for only 14 days, after which users are committed to a lengthy contract.

While the platform provides comprehensive global data privacy compliance and advanced network protection features, only major corporations would necessitate such extensive guidance and protection.

Although OneTrust is developing a network data platform solution for small and mid-size enterprises, its current pricing remains prohibitive for the average company. Unless your organization requires functionalities like automated data discovery, sensitive data redaction, integrated ISMS workflows, data processing activities, and similar attributes, you may find more suitable data compliance software elsewhere.

Transcend promotes its software as offering privacy on autopilot, and it delivers on that promise. It stands out as one of the most user-friendly solutions available, aiding in GDPR compliance and other crucial global data privacy regulations.

In addition to robust privacy management tools, Transcend enhances your organization’s visibility in handling data and streamlines consent management. Moreover, it is among the most cost-effective GDPR compliance software options on our list.

Despite its user-friendly nature, Transcend lacks advanced features typical of GDPR compliance software. It lacks an API key, has limited system integration, lacks analytics and detailed data mapping for user interaction insights, and offers minimal security enhancements for safeguarding consumer data.

The limited scope of its key features positions Transcend as a decent tool that is suitable for firms seeking basic data management solutions.


Dataships is a service that combines Shopify and email marketing with a focus on data privacy compliance and aiding organizations in their growth through data collection. The service is free for the first 1,000 contacts, making it effortless for both your company and consumers to maintain transparency regarding the handling of personal data.

Compliance checklists assist your data protection officer in evaluating whether the organization is adhering to GDPR regulations by implementing appropriate data protection measures.

While Dataships is a versatile tool for data compliance and marketing, it offers fewer data handling features compared to other platforms on our list. Its data privacy tools are basic, with higher pricing tiers mainly providing increased contacts and marketing tools rather than enhanced data compliance features.

If your primary marketing strategy revolves around email contacts, Dataships could be a suitable option to consider. However, if you require a dedicated GDPR compliance software package, exploring other platforms might be more beneficial.

Axepito presents an easy-to-integrate, subtle cookie widget that allows seamless management of consumer consent on your website. Beyond consent storage, premium plans offer comprehensive analytics and advanced data tools to enhance the consumer experience with your brand.

However, the downside lies in Axepito’s pricing structure based on pageviews, leading to potential cost spikes if usage exceeds the monthly limit. Additionally, its functionality is restricted to a basic cookie and consent widget, lacking the robust analytics and processing capabilities found in other software packages.

While Axepito aids in GDPR compliance, its narrow scope necessitates supplementary compliance tools, particularly for adhering to broader data regulations such as CCPA or PIPEDA.


PrivacyPage is an intuitive application dedicated to consent management. It offers a user-friendly experience for consumers and businesses alike, empowering compliance experts to create consent forms and manage customer data effectively.

While upgrading to pricier plans doesn’t unlock numerous additional features apart from extra integrations, the platform lacks robust network support and advanced security enhancements beyond fundamental data storage for consent and personal information.

Users may find the basic plan sufficient for their needs, but those seeking more advanced capabilities might need to explore alternatives with broader feature sets and enhanced security measures.

It’s crucial for users to evaluate their specific requirements and the level of security and support they necessitate before committing to a plan on PrivacyPage.


Egnyte is a robust file-sharing software created to enhance secure data transfers. With features like GDPR compliance for global data sharing and robust security measures including multi-factor authentication and data loss prevention, the platform upholds data integrity.

Egnyte’s key strength lies in its capacity to ensure secure data exchange among users, positioning it as a prime choice for businesses sharing sensitive information with clients, partners, or employees.

Through its advanced security protocols, Egnyte effectively protects your data during transit across various networks.

Moreover, Egnyte offers seamless collaboration tools that empower users to collaborate on shared documents regardless of their locations. This functionality benefits remote teams or companies with multiple branches in various geographical regions.

By leveraging Egnyte, you can optimize operations and resources by eliminating the reliance on physical data transfer methods like USB drives or hard disks. This not only reduces the risk of data loss but also enhances file management efficiency and organization.

While Egnyte excels in data file security, it falls short in robust consumer data protection and consent features. To address this, it is advisable to enhance this solution with a dedicated application for a more comprehensive approach.


12. Accountable

Accountable provides an all-in-one platform designed to gradually enhance your organization’s data compliance. This tool, designed with users in mind, offers a plethora of features such as data protection impact assessment, data mapping, risk evaluation, and more. These features make it an attractive option for larger enterprises.

Additionally, the software provides strong compliance management functionalities, empowering organizations to effectively supervise and track their data compliance in real time. This encompasses the ability to assign tasks and responsibilities, schedule reminders for impending deadlines, and generate reports for audits.

Furthermore, Accountable seamlessly integrates with popular business tools like Google Drive and Dropbox, simplifying the management of all your organization’s sensitive data in a centralized location.

Nevertheless, several of its crucial functionalities are only accessible through the pricier plans. Despite its premium cost, Accountable lacks the same level of network monitoring and protection found in other recommended software options.


Altova provides comprehensive solutions for the management and protection of personal data within organizations. Its adaptable nature and wide range of features facilitate the mapping, identification, and classification of personal data held by companies to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.

By automating data management processes and implementing a robust privacy governance framework, Altova effectively reduces the risks linked to data breaches and non-compliance penalties. This solution is vital for enterprises striving to maintain high data privacy and security standards.

Altova’s software for GDPR compliance distinguishes itself with an intuitive interface and efficient automation capabilities, empowering businesses to manage data privacy obligations effectively.

Notable features include a thorough data mapping function for simplifying the identification and categorization of personal data, as well as automated data management tasks that streamline privacy governance processes.

While excelling in supporting GDPR compliance and enhancing data security, Altova may require a learning curve for new users and initial setup and customization to align with specific organizational structures and data formats. Overall, Altova serves as a valuable partner in achieving GDPR compliance, emphasizing adaptability and user training.


CookieYes offers a completely customizable cookie banner to help store and handle consumer consent on websites. This tool smoothly integrates with popular platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify. While excelling in GDPR compliance, its primary focus lies in efficient cookie management.

In a time of rapid technological progress and increasing data privacy concerns, businesses must prioritize transparency in their cookie practices. Obtaining clear consent from website visitors is crucial.

CookieYes provides a user-friendly solution, allowing organizations to customize banners to match their brand and comply effortlessly with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy Directive, and others.

A prominent feature of CookieYes is its user-friendly interface, designed to meet the needs of businesses across all scales. Its compatibility with diverse website builders guarantees a smooth integration process.

Nonetheless, its scope is limited to cookie management, potentially requiring supplementary solutions for comprehensive compliance with global data privacy laws.

While CookieYes emphasizes GDPR compliance, it lacks advanced functionalities to navigate the complexities of varied data protection regulations worldwide. Businesses seeking a more inclusive data management solution covering a broader spectrum of privacy laws may need to explore alternative avenues.

Best GDPR Compliance Software FAQs

1. What features should I look for in GDPR compliance software?

When seeking GDPR compliance software, key features to consider include robust data encryption, audit trails for tracking data handling activities, automated data breach notifications, user access controls, privacy policy management tools, and GDPR-specific compliance reporting capabilities.

Additionally, look for solutions with data mapping features, consent management functionality, and regular updates to adapt to evolving regulations.

Choosing software that offers training resources for staff on data protection practices can also enhance compliance efforts. Prioritize solutions that align closely with your organization’s data processing needs and provide comprehensive support for GDPR requirements.

2. How does GDPR compliance software help with data subject access requests (DSARs)?

Software for GDPR compliance streamlines the management of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) through automated processes like data retrieval, redaction, and response handling. It centralizes request tracking to ensure prompt and precise responses. The software assists in verifying requestors’ identities, managing deadlines, and keeping audit trails for compliance purposes.

Moreover, it boosts data security by protecting sensitive information throughout DSAR processes. In summary, GDPR compliance software streamlines and expedites DSAR management, fostering efficiency and regulatory compliance in handling data subject requests.

3. Can GDPR compliance software guarantee complete compliance with the GDPR?

GDPR compliance software plays a crucial role in meeting GDPR regulations by offering data management, consent tracking, and security tools. Yet, achieving full compliance entails more than just software—it involves organizational policies, procedures, and continuous monitoring. While the software can automate tasks, a comprehensive compliance strategy includes staff training, audits, and staying current with regulations. Remember, while helpful, GDPR software isn’t a fail-safe for compliance; it’s a component of a wider strategy.



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