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How to Edit YouTube Videos on iPhone: An Easy-To-Do Guide

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone effortlessly with a professional touch. Unlock your creativity with our step-by-step guide.
How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Ensuring your videos are polished and tailored conveniently for your audience on YouTube is essential. Video editing plays a crucial role in transforming your concepts into visually appealing ones and conveying your message effectively to your viewers throughout the content. Fortunately, you can access various editing methods with less effort and full potential through your iPhone.

Therefore, this comprehensive guide on how to edit youtube videos on iphone can acknowledge how to edit YouTube videos on an iPhone in three different ways. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy one or aiming for professional-level video editing, your iPhone will help you with various tools and techniques to elevate your video quality and captivate your audience.

How to Edit YouTube Videos on iPhone - A Few Different Options

We’ll discuss several methods on how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone. Here, we have explained only three options on how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Option 1: Using the Built-In iPhone Editing Tools

You can edit videos on your iPhone without transferring them elsewhere through the Photos app. This saves time and effort, making it a convenient option for editing videos on the go. The app allows users to crop and trim footage easily, apply filters, and adjust exposures quickly. It also offers tools like slow-motion, time-lapse, and panning options to make your video more interesting. The following descriptions nicely explain the steps of how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone through the Photos app.

Step 1: Accessing the Photos App

To get started, simply locate the Photos app icon on your home screen and tap it to get photos and videos you intend to edit for your YouTube channel.

Step 2: Selecting Your Video

Among various photos and videos, find and select those that you want to edit for creating your content on YouTube.

Step 3: Entering Edit Mode

Upon selection, you will identify the edit icon (a magic wand) at the bottom of your screen, granting you access to the powerful video editing tools. A simple tap on this icon is your key to unlocking the potential of your footage.

Step 4: Unleashing Your Creativity

As you enter the editing mode, many editing options become available at your fingertips. Such as:-

  • Trimming and Cutting: Remove unnecessary segments, adjust the video’s length, and ensure your content is concise and engaging.
  • Orientation and Rotation: Correct any orientation issues by rotating the video to your desired angle.
  • Brightness and Exposure: Adjust color tone and overall visual quality to make your video visually appealing.
  • Filters and Effects: You can give a unique style by applying these features to enhance the look and feel of your video.
  • Text and Titles: Add context and information by incorporating text and titles, reinforcing your message.
  • Music and Sound Effects: Elevate the auditory experience of your video by integrating music and sound effects, setting the mood.
  • Speed Adjustment: Create dynamic effects by altering the speed of your video, allowing for slow-motion or fast-paced sequences.
How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Step 5: Saving Your Masterpiece

After editing the video as desired, tap on the “Done” button at the bottom-right corner of your screen to ensure your edited video is saved on your iPhone.

Voila! You have created a new edited video version and are now ready to upload to YouTube.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Option 2: Enhancing Your Videos with iMovie

iMovie is the perfect tool for more advanced editing of your YouTube videos for content creation. It is designed and developed by Apple for both iPhone and Mac users. Advantageously, It is a free and user-friendly app. It offers tools and features that allow you to create professional-level videos. Steps of how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone by using iMovie are described below:

Step 1: Installing iMovie

iMovie is not an in-built app on iPhone. Hence, you have to install it from the App Store by searching “iMovie” in the App Store and then installing it.

Step 2: Selecting Your Video and Launching iMovie

After installing iMovie successfully, start the editing process. First, choose the video from the Photos app you want to edit, then tap the edit icon at the bottom. You will find a three-dot button there, followed by the iMovie option. Select that option for further process.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Step 3: Exploring iMovie's Editing Capabilities

A set of editing tools inside the iMovie app will help you with your editing needs and allow you to create video content at a perfection level.

Trimming and Cutting: Begin by tapping the scissor icon, a fundamental tool for cutting and trimming your video. Remove unnecessary segments and ensure your content is concise and engaging.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Color Effects: This is the second option in the bottom menu bar, where you have to choose from a range of color schemes to give your video a unique and eye-catching visual style.

Text and Titles: Select the third option in the menu bar to add context and information to your video. You can add custom text, titles, and captions to reinforce your message.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Background Music: Music is a powerful tool for setting the mood of your video. Tap on the last option in the menu bar to add background music to your video. You can select music from your iPhone’s Music app or iMovie’s provided soundtracks.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Step 4: Saving Your Edited Masterpiece

Finally, tap the “Done” button in the app’s top-right corner to preserve your changes or the edited video.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Option 3: Third-Party Editing Apps for Advanced Editing

While the built-in iPhone editing tools and iMovie offer helpful features and convenience, some users may desire more advanced editing options or a different interface, such as Third-Party editing apps. Among numerous options, “Video Editor” is a standout choice, which offers enhanced features and is available for free on the App Store. The following steps will help you to know how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone using “Video Editor.”

Step 1: Download and Install Video Editor

First, you must download and install the “Video Editor” app by Luni, which is readily available on the official App Store. Search for “Video Editor by Luni” and complete the installation process on your iPhone.

Step 2: Creating a New Project

Launch the application and click on the “+” (plus) symbol to initiate a fresh project for your YouTube video.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Step 3: Selecting the Source

Video Editor offers you two primary options when selecting the source of your video file. If you have already filmed your content from an existing camera roll, choose the “Photo Library” option. If capturing video is still pending, select the “Camera” option to begin recording directly within the app.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Step 4: Importing Your Video

The Camera Roll will open, allowing you to select a video to add to your project. By tapping on your YouTube video, you can effortlessly add it to the application.

Step 5: Utilizing Editing Tools

After importing the video successfully, you will have access to various editing tools that extend beyond basic trimming and cutting and are designed for advanced editing. Those tools are:

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone

Adjusting Volume Levels: Fine-tune your video’s audio by adjusting volume levels. Ensure your viewers hear every word.

Color Settings: Modify the color settings of your video to achieve a specific look or mood. Experiment with various color schemes to create a visually captivating experience.

Speed Modification: The app allows you to alter the speed of your video. This feature empowers you to create dramatic slow-motion effects or quick, attention-grabbing sequences.

Adding Background Music: Enhance your video by incorporating background music. Select a music file from your iPhone’s Music app and seamlessly integrate it into your video.

Special Effects: The video Editor provides an array of special effects, from overlays and animations to stickers. These can add creative elements and enhance the visual appeal of your video.

Step 6: Sharing Your Edited Video

After you finish editing, you can directly upload a video on YouTube from this app by clicking on the share icon at the top-right corner. After that, select “YouTube” to share your video.

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone


The process of how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone is a creative and empowering process of effective content creation. Whether you use the built-in iPhone editing tools, iMovie, or a third-party app, you can refine your content and create engaging videos through your iPhone.

The guidelines mentioned above will aid you in knowing how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone efficiently and effectively through different methods for a seamless journey to the YouTube platform.



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