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6 Best PLM Software For Fashion Worth Checking In 2024

This article aims to assist you in efficiently comparing and evaluating the best PLM software for fashion and other PLM solutions
Best PLM Software For Fashion

This article aims to assist you in efficiently comparing and evaluating the best PLM software for fashion and other PLM solutions.

Global fashion brands are increasingly adopting product lifestyle management (PLM) software to enhance visibility and streamline data flow across their organization and supply chain. This strategic implementation ensures improved efficiency and coordination throughout the industry.

Experts assert that PLM software enhances the fashion sector, making it more relevant, intelligent, and adaptable. For fashion and apparel companies, a comprehensive PLM system is crucial. It should effectively manage design, planning, testing, manufacturing, and marketing information in a centralized location. With the rapid growth and evolution of the fashion market, even smaller fashion teams are encouraged to embrace PLM solutions.

Which PLM software should you consider for your business? Here are the best PLM software for fashion brands to consider in 2024:

product lifecycle management (PLM

What is product lifecycle management (PLM) software?

Before diving into the top PLM software for fashion, let’s quickly define product lifecycle management (PLM) software. In simple terms, it is a tool that manages the entire lifecycle of a product – from conception to retirement. This includes design, development, testing, production, and even marketing. A robust PLM system helps businesses improve collaboration, increase efficiency, and reduce costs by providing a centralized platform for all product-related information.

What to look for the best PLM software for fashion?

When selecting a PLM software for your fashion business, certain factors must be considered.

These include:

Ease of use

Learning to use a new system takes time. When onboarding your team, minimizing training efforts on the PLM platform is essential. The PLM system should be user-friendly and intuitive for all team members to navigate and work with. Users should be able to log in and grasp the basics effortlessly. For more advanced features, in-app directions and help articles are indispensable. And, of course, reliable support is always at your disposal.

Integration capabilities

It is essential to ensure the PLM software can integrate with other systems and tools used in your organization, such as ERP and CRM systems.

Collaboration tools

Look for a PLM solution for easy collaboration between team members, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Implementation costs

Previously, only large corporations had the means to embrace PLM solutions. However, the landscape has changed; now, even small to medium-sized teams have numerous options. There are several PLM software that offer complimentary trials or starter packs with essential functions.


The PLM system should be able to generate reports on any desired data point. For example, in fashion data management, the tracking of material consumption holds significant importance.


Each fashion business has its unique processes and requirements. A good PLM system should allow for customization to suit your specific needs.


As your business grows, so will your product line and data. Ensure that the PLM software can handle large amounts of data and grow with your business.


An extensive range of third-party integrations can significantly enhance the efficiency of the design team. These integrations provide additional functionalities that many PLMs lack, such as communication channels, graphic design plugins, and point-of-sale systems, and contribute to a more streamlined workflow.

Now that we have discussed the key factors to consider when selecting a PLM software, let’s look at the top five options worth checking out:

6 Best PLM Fashion Software

6 Best PLM Fashion Software Solutions in 2024

Techpacker PLM software

Techpacker is one of the best PLM software for fashion that revolves around tech pack development. If you’re searching for a PLM software to scale your fashion business—this is the one to get. It is a trusted source of information for designers, modern design teams, manufacturers, and remote workers.

Techpacker encompasses all essential PLM capabilities, including efficient design tools, seamless integrations, comprehensive component libraries, detailed reports, effective communication, and customizable sections. It has a dedicated manufacturers’ hub that provides a seamless platform for brands to onboard their preferred vendors effortlessly.

Rather than creating complex software from scratch, Techpacker brings industry-leading software directly into your Techpacker workspace. This enables you to have a tailor-made PLM system that perfectly aligns with your company’s unique requirements. Connect Techpacker to Adobe Illustrator for easy adjustments to sketches, integrate Excel Spreadsheets, create Shopify listings using your tech packs, or secure your files with Dropbox.


  • Seamlessly transfer your data from Excel to Techpacker with ease.
  • Effortlessly transfer your technical sketches using Techpacker’s plugin for Adobe Illustrator.
  • Add callouts directly to your technical sketches on Techpacker for explicit annotations.
  • Develop comprehensive tech packs, including measurement specs, bill of materials, grading sheets, fit sheets, costing sheets, and more.
  • Build reusable component libraries for your future collections, saving time and effort.
  • Communicate with your entire team in real-time, ensuring efficient collaboration.
  • Share tech packs with manufacturers and receive updates and feedback.
  • Track product development stages and stay updated on the status of each product.
  • Enjoy seamless integrations with other software for enhanced productivity.
  • Benefit from our manufacturers’ hub, connecting you with trusted partners.


The basic plan starts at $45/month for one user.

Why should you get it?

Techpacker offers a robust integration setup that empowers you to tailor your fashion PLM system by seamlessly connecting with your existing apps and services. This accessibility makes it one of the best PLM software for fashion businesses of all sizes and product types. Moreover, Techpacker’s user interface is exceptionally visual and designer-friendly, eliminating implementation headaches.


This is another best PLM software for fashion if you’re looking for a solution to develop products at digital speed. Backbone is a cutting-edge digital workspace that empowers product creators to innovate, collaborate, and scale.

Designed to cater to the unique needs of modern DTC brands, Backbone PLM offers a comprehensive set of tools for design teams to develop and collaborate on tech packs effortlessly. It streamlines the product development process with features like Measurement Spec Sheets, Bill of Materials, and reusable component libraries.

Additionally, Backbone provides powerful reporting tools for line sheets and utilization data, enabling informed decision-making. Seamlessly integrating design and production, this cloud-based platform is the go-to solution for fashion designers seeking simplicity and efficiency.


  • Utilize Backbone’s Adobe Illustrator plugin to transfer technical sketches.
  • Create reusable and easily editable component libraries.
  • Efficiently manage product and component colorways using Pantone libraries.
  • Enhance technical sketches with callouts and annotations.
  • Backbone equips you with the necessary tools to develop Measurement Specs and a Bill of Materials.
  • Generate line sheet reports and component utilization reports with reporting tools.
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading fashion industry software.


The basic plan starts at $99/month for one user.


Backbone is an excellent choice for expanding teams and empowering businesses to innovate and rapidly develop fashion products.

WFX PLM software is a comprehensive solution for the apparel, footwear, accessories, and consumer goods industries. It streamlines the entire product lifecycle, facilitating seamless collaboration between internal teams and vendors. With WFX PLM, companies can centralize all product development information and benefit from built-in tools for sharing tech packs, costings, purchase orders, sample requests, and more.

This end-to-end platform covers every stage of the life cycle, from concept to production. By leveraging its mobile apps, analytics, and 360-degree view of product data, businesses gain valuable insights and a holistic perspective across the organization.


  • Seamlessly integrate with Adobe Illustrator to push product information and artwork to WFX.
  • Capture style ideas and product inspiration through photos during buying trips and trade shows.
  • Streamline collection planning by easily viewing margins, costs, and revenue for an entire collection or range.
  • Create comprehensive tech packs with detailed product and material attributes, images, bill of materials, graded measurements, specifications, and multilingual care instructions.
  • Enhance product construction clarity with an intuitive in-app annotation tool.
  • Efficiently capture comments and approvals while effortlessly notifying vendors of any revisions.
  • Streamline product cost management by handling all cost types – Cut Make, FOB, Landed and Delivered.
  • Create sample and purchase orders while effectively tracking the stages of product development and their timelines.
  • Improve communication flow with a centralized vendor portal, fostering effective collaboration.
  • Track the status of each product and easily identify any delays.
  • Seamlessly integrate WFX PLM with custom-built applications or other tools for enhanced efficiency and productivity.


Contact directly to inquire about pricing.


WFX is regarded as one of the best PLM software for fashion brands seeking to streamline their product lifecycle and communication processes in a unified platform.

Supply Compass is one of the best PLM software for fashion out there. It is intuitive and ideally designed the fashion and apparel industry. Its core focus is facilitating seamless collaboration between fashion brands and their extensive network of manufacturers.

Supply Compass equips design teams with a unified workspace for product development, effective communication, and comprehensive order management. this versatile PLM solution can function as a standalone production system or integrate with existing business systems.


  • Utilize Supply Compass Style Builder to create comprehensive component libraries.
  • Generate digital tech packs to share them with manufacturers.
  • Foster direct collaboration with manufacturers throughout the sample-making process.
  • Efficiently manage collections and streamline order management.
  • Unleash your creativity with inspirational mood boards enhanced by the annotations feature.
  • Seamlessly track product stages and set critical dates and milestones.
  • Simplify purchase order management and enhance efficiency.


Starts at $350/month per user.


Supply Compass is a user-friendly platform suitable for teams of any size. It offers an excellent solution for fashion brands seeking to cultivate strong partnerships with manufacturers.

Centric Software is a comprehensive PLM solution designed for various industries. Centric PLM effectively manages the entire product lifecycle, enabling brands to accelerate time-to-market, boost profit margins, enhance global collaboration, and ensure compliance throughout their global supply chain. This is the best PLM software for fashion businesses with a brand portfolio of multiple product styles.


● Efficiently manage seasons, departments, and collections with the software’s merchandise planning feature.
● Streamline the creation of technical documentation for multiple product styles.
● Access an easily managed materials library.
● Gain visibility and control over your supply chain with Centric Product Sourcing.
● Present your collections dynamically with the electronic book feature.
● Ensure supplier quality with the Final Inspection Module, allowing you to set acceptable quality levels and evaluation points.


Contact directly to inquire about pricing.


Centric PLM is an excellent choice for brands with extensive inventories and various product styles.

Gerber Yunique PLM

Gerber Yunique PLM is designed specifically for the apparel and retail industries. This cloud-based solution acts as a centralized hub, providing a reliable and comprehensive source of product information that easily integrates with various design programs. For fashion brands, small to mid-sized, seeking a product development platform that is hassle-free and efficient can consider Gerber Yunique PLM.

This is a great innovative solution if you’re searching for the best PLM software for fashion businesses with a streamlined implementation process.


  • Start immediately using the Gerber Yunique PLM Fast Start feature with its pre-populated templates and industry-standard data.
  • Seamlessly create and change styles, images, color palettes, and more using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Capture inspiring moments with photos while enabling accessible visual communication for sales executives and merchants
  • Efficiently manage and track samples from prototype request to final approval.
  • Integrate with design tools such as AccuMark 2D/3D
  • Generate new designs based on past sales reports, leveraging valuable insights.


Contact directly to inquire about pricing.


Gerber Yunique PLM is an excellent choice for companies seeking to implement a cutting-edge data management system seamlessly.


There you have it—the four best PLM software for fashion businesses. Every PLM software we discussed here offers unique features and benefits, making them suitable for different business needs. Whether you’re a small brand or a large enterprise, there’s a PLM solution out there that can help streamline your product development processes and foster effective collaboration with your supply chain partners.

We recommend evaluating each option based on your specific requirements and goals and contacting the providers for more information on pricing and implementation. With the right PLM solution, you can elevate your product development process and take your brand to new heights of success.



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